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Learn Modern Marketing Techniques

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, there'll all great and essential to use for your career. But it's not great when they change the rules. Learn how to build your own Digital Presence on the Web. Specifically for Musicians to be able to engage their fanbase, the step-by-step guides to getting it done.







This content will help you

build the most fundamental parts

of a Modern Marketing System

Many Artists/Bands work hard on the very thing they should, the Music. However, much of the time Marketing is not taken as seriously. Some even see Marketing as a 'dirty' word that they don't want to look at.

Without Marketing the truth is that no-one will know who you are because you haven't got your music out to the public. That's what decciBel is all about. Empowering Musicians & Bands to take control of their 'Digital Presence'

The goal for this company is to teach Artists & Bands to get away from Social Platforms as their main method of communication and move fans to their own digital assets - The Website

From there everything is possible, the retargeting of users on Google & Facebook, releasing of music for the purpose of getting an email address - the lifeblood of Modern Marketing.



Courses for your Musical Career

Learn Modern Digital Marketing Techniques for Great Fan Engagement




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decciBel is teaching Musicians to have complete control over their Digital Presence.


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